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Intelligent Solutions for Smart Cities


Almost every day we wake up to a smarter world than the previous day. Smart life Units are becoming the focus of our lives. It is not so easy to follow the speed of this intelligent transformation. But why have we not yet gone through a perfectly smart way of life? Smart objects will our punishment be ended? In fact, the answer to this problem is simply a digital revolution that is linked to, linked to, and primarily based on real money, using different technology modules to present the best service to people in different areas that exist in the definition of the Smart City concept.

But how is the question done? How can data from different networks be combined?

The answer is hidden in new solutions that allow to collect data from different areas using sensors, nets and communication. The subject will not only collect data, but also analyze it in the best way and present it as a preliminary to make our life easier. The first thing that comes to mind is as follows;

Smart buildings

Systems that follow both your comfort and your habits to your place like a well-equipped assistant.

Intelligent energy systems

Smart meters, intelligent devices, smart grid with renewable energy and energy efficient solutions,

Smart payment systems

Integrated municipal e-administration, service delivery solution with participatory citizen platforms

- Intelligent Security Systems

To enhance the safety of all citizens and strengthen the emergency response system through intelligent surveillance system

Intelligent health management

Increase the knowledge and intervention skills of the health management system, medical departments, doctors and hospitals through the emergency response system

Smart waste management

Water supply and management with adequate pressure, quality and quantity

Intelligent traffic management and so on.

Systems that can predict traffic densities in advance and change the flow and direction accordingly


The examples are not limited to these, but these systems will work a little bit more time until we are able to work together in a fully integrated way and produce fast, economical and secure solutions. If this work is completed to a great extent, the new world order will be as follows.


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