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Prota adds a new one to its ”future-oriented“ symposiums, which it specializes in organizing every three years. The main theme of the symposium to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of its establishment is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, which has been frequently mentioned in the construction sector in recent years.

Prota, BIM and Beyond: Digital Transformation in the Construction Sector will be organized under the name of the symposium, the country's major sector representatives are aiming to host. The main objectives of the organization include contributing to the technical infrastructure of the country as well as supporting academic studies and benefiting students' development.

The event will be held in 2 different days with 4 different sessions where the leading experts from various countries will share their experiences and sample projects. In addition to the main sessions where presentations will be held, Prota plans to host the visitors with a panel of questions and answers to share more with the speakers, and is preparing to color the event with mek experience sharing c sessions.

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