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What is Precision Agriculture?

Sensitive agriculture, farmer to have all the information about the land to produce and some technological applications in this direction based on the principle of planning a business management ...

Difference Between GIS and Geographical Location

While these two concepts may seem to us completely different, when we look at the sources, we may not see the difference between them when they appear as GIS (GIS) and Geospatial. Most...

Esri Publishes Turkey Training Calendar!

In 2018 ESRI training content in accordance with the contents updated by Esri Turkey, in 2019 added two more different training into existing training. Trainees with newly added trainings ...

For Beginners: What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems sound like a cool and complex term, but once you step into the world of GIS, you learn more about yourself ...

Explorer for ArcGIS is coming to Windows!

According to ArcGIS Blog, ESRI has long been in use for Android and iOS operating systems.

Location Based Advertising

Imagine getting a 40% discount message when you go near a shopping center. The possibility to visit the store is at home or elsewhere.

Journey in Time with Stereoscopy

Hamburg is one of the most painful German cities during the Second World War. The size of the houses destroyed is a total of houses in the cities of Nuremberg, Augsburg, ...

International Communication Networks

Deep in the ocean floor, you are aware of the presence of communication cables to move signals from one land to another. The first of these lines was the submarine communication cables installed in the 1850s ...

GIS is Changing!

The articles on "business intelligence", one of the most recent trends of recent times, can be found in almost every publication. This week, Michael Bishopp from Bing Maps ...

Latest Trends in the GIS Industry

Overview of the market Geographic information system (GIS) refers to the system that deals with geographical information. Geographical information to determine relationships, models and trends between geographical information sources ...
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