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Bridge Documentation by Ground Laser Scanner

Detection of the deformations of bridges exposed to intensive use and environmental impacts over time is an important issue in terms of transportation health. In this type of buildings, measurement technology ...

Stormbee & Faro Cooperation

FARO, one of the leading companies in the 3D measurement and imaging industry, was integrated into the unmanned aircraft manufacturer STORMBEE. With all this attention to ...

Leica RTC 360 Review

At the HxGN Live conference in June 2018, Leica Geosystems introduced the new RTC360 laser scanning device in Jürgen DOLD's speech. With BLK360 introduced last year ...

What is LiDAR? How does it work?

"LiDAR" is basically a remote sensing method that uses laser or light to measure. In the map sector, it is the savior of complex objects or places that are impossible to measure.

Crime Scene Investigation with 3D Laser Data

Today, the position of laser scanners in cartography can not be denied. But thanks to advances in technology and new techniques, laser scanners are now being successfully used in different tasks. Here...

Autonomous driving pleasure with Bosch radar

Nowadays we are used to seeing a lot of new news about the latest technology unmanned vehicles. No doubt one of the studies that directly affect our daily life ...

Leica BLK 360 "More Than a Laser Scanner"

In almost every sector we hear a lot about worlds equipped with 3D, BIM and virtual reality. Spatial analysis, automatic feature recognition, field planning and ...

PALMERA Antique City is being rebuilt!

Photogrammetry is, without a doubt, the first method that comes to mind when it comes to renewing historical artifacts and remains today in a modern way. As we all know, ISID terror is unfortunately history ...
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