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    GIS is Changing!

    The image was taken from http://www.esri.com.

    The articles on mak business intelligence la, one of the most recent trends of recent times, can be found in almost every publication. This week, Michael Bishopp from Bing Maps published a remarkable article on the concept of GIS. I wanted to publish this article as for surveyinggroup professionals Bu

    "CBS" I would like to suggest a change in the acronym. I advocate Z to pass from Knowledge to Intelligence. This may seem like a very unnecessary detail, so you need to bring some clarity to the subject. Firstly, Business mind I must say I'm a little jealous of your word, I have justified reasons. You should realize that this promise has taken the imagination of the enterprises in the last 10 years (especially the last 4, 5 years) in the sector. By streamlining the market, educational institutions have reorganized the curriculum according to başlat Business Intelligence akım and have worked to determine how to start the students in this profitable market. Almost everyone can understand or at least predict the importance and suitability of Business Intelligence through this easy-to-use definition.

    On the other hand, GIS or Geographic information systemDoes anyone want to understand what it means? Not only do we, as lıkla insiders, ere explain this technology in the right terms, but I am amazed at the fact that industry employees do not know the power of GIS and that it can be used in almost all business activities to solve critical problems and help decision-making. You see, for me, only the phrase esi Information Gör is far from explaining this technology.

    Information shows what a system does, not what a system does. Information is not more than anything added to your already developing collection. More information may contribute to your problem but may not solve the problem. I've always considered GIS as a decision support tool that can help in overcoming the most demanding business and public challenges and finding solutions. This is indeed a dönüştür Intelligence or system that can help in making decisions from theory to actionable. For this reason, GIS is located in front of ır Business Intelligence “and is a part of it.

    Let's not fool ourselves. GIS is not just a concept with maps. It helps CEOs and other managers to make critical decisions as they do every day. GIS is in fact a critical part of Business Intelligence. Instead of struggling with this trend, it is necessary to participate. From Geographic Information System CoğrafGeographic Intelligence SystemIm what to do; Because this is indeed the right one.

    Michael Bishopp-GIS Analyst at Microsoft
    Source: https: //www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-gis-needs-change-michael-bishopp/? Trk = v-feed & LiPu = urn: li: page: d_flagship3_feed; 3ujsuyyf0d4bı5mln6oda to ==

    Selçuk Demir
    He graduated from Yıldız Technical University in 2012 as a Map Engineer. He received his master's degree in Geographical Information Systems from the same university. He is continuing his PhD studies at Istanbul Technical University. He has been involved in many projects at private and public institutions.


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