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    Why Is Digital Conversion Needed?


    Digitalization has begun to change the basic structure of our physical world. New technologies change how we plan, design, build, and even protect our environment. Companies now look at 3D printing and robotics as viable technologies that will have a beneficial effect in the near future - but why is size 3 so important?

    It is widely used to create, use and manage digital information during a construction project, and will ultimately be used at every stage of the life cycle. The main success of Building Informaiton Modeling (BIM) is based on the principle of creating an environment for better sharing of digital data, creating collaborative environments for people to operate.
    Modern architects and engineers often develop a comprehensive 3D digital prototype to better understand design possibilities and limitations. Contractors use 3D digital models to create 3D, 4D and potentially 5D plans in conjunction with their subcontractors' budgets and schedules, but are they doing all of this digitizing potential?

    Stakeholders of different construction disciplines should always be open to development, when the profit margins in the construction industry are considered to be low; This allows them to do things faster, better and more reliably to get more profits. The same stakeholders rely on accurate and timely information to conduct their business effectively, and BIM and the digital structure is what it aims to improve.

    A common misconception is that digital construction can only be felt at design stages. This perception has, unfortunately, limited the extent to which all parties are engaged in digital technology. Many companies are confronting this phenomenon, saying that they are not for us yet. But there is something they do not know that this digital conversion will become even more costly as time goes on.

    Digital construction applications and tools can help anyone at all stages of construction perform their jobs more efficiently and with every change they are based on a combination of people, processes and technology. Improvements in co-operation mean that the work has been completed more efficiently; which increases productivity and ultimately leads to greater profitability. For this reason, digital construction is important for everyone involved in the project.



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