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    Esri Publishes Turkey Training Calendar!


    In 2018 ESRI training content in accordance with the contents updated by Esri Turkey, in 2019 added two more different training into existing training. With newly added trainings, trainees will be able to master the entire process from the entry level of ArcGIS to the advanced level. Esri Turkey's given this training by experienced teaching staff are constantly refreshed and updated content.

    Esri Turkey's education Below is the calendar today. Prepared with Survey123 for ArcGIS to apply for trainings training request form You can fill.

    You must follow the training calendar while attending the trainings. You can find the details of the training below.

    ArcGIS 1 - ArcGIS 2: Basic Applications

    ArcGIS 1 - ArcGIS 2: You can access the world of ArcGIS with the basic applications training, you can create the foundations of Geographical Information Systems.

    ArcGIS 3: Applications of Spatial Analysis

    With ArcGIS 3: Spatial Analysis Applications training, you can learn workflows in any spatial analysis project, and make analyzes to help you in your decision-making process.

    APEW: Essential Applications with ArcGIS Pro

    APEW: With ArcGIS Pro, you will be able to create and analyze workflows in ArcGIS Pro with Basic Applications training.

    BLDG: Creating a Geographic Database

    BLDG: You can create a database with Geographical Database Creation training and associate your data with spatial analysis.

    ArcGIS 4: Sharing Content on the Web

    With the training of ArcGIS 4: Sharing Content on the Web, you will learn to publish your organization's Geographic data, maps, tools, discover your organization on public or private ArcGIS portal, make it easy to access from desktop and online applications, and publish services in web-mobile applications.

    GISA: Introduction to GIS with ArcGIS Online

    GISA: With ArcGIS Online, you will learn how to work effectively in ArcGIS Online with the introduction of CBS.

    STRY: Story Map Creation

    STRY: Story Map Creation training with Esri Story Maps you will be able to create great stories.

    WGNU: Geometric Networking for Infrastructure Solutions

    WGNU: With Geometric Network Training for Infrastructure Solutions, you will learn to model your network data in a geographic database.

    BECE: Creating 3D Cities with Esri CityEngine

    BECE: With Esri CityEngine you will design, plan and model 3D city environments using Esri CityEngine with 3D City Creation training.

    MABA: Market Analysis Using Esri Business Analyst

    MABA: Using Esri Business Analyst to analyze your market, opportunities, competitors, and consumer orientations with your data to improve your business with your data analysis training, you will select the location and develop your marketing strategy using demographic data for your new branch or offices.

    INAG: Insights for ArcGIS

    INAG: With Insights for ArcGIS training, you will prepare maps, charts and graphs in Insights for ArcGIS.

    NETA: Network Analysis with Network Analyst

    NETA: Network Analysis with Network Analyst training, using the ArcToolbox and Model Builder applications to find the optimum route, the shortest path analysis, nearest service location analysis, service area analysis, fleet management analysis and location analysis analysis, such as how to do many route analysis and in these analyzes learn the design of used databases.

    GEOS: Statistical Analysis with Geostatistical Analyst

    GEOS: With the help of Geostatistical Analyst and Statistical Analysis, you will learn the interpolation techniques by using the value of the measurement points in different locations.

    UTIL: Creating and Managing Utility Network with ArcGIS

    UTIL: With ArcGIS, you'll learn about infrastructure-specific tools in ArcGIS Pro with Utility Networking and Manage Training, and with ArcGIS Pro's advanced analysis capabilities, you'll be able to better manage your infrastructure.

    PROM: Migration from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

    PROM: From ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, you will learn the process of transitioning from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro.

    Source : Esri Turkey


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