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New Solutions in Photogrammetric Applications


The developer of the Correlator3D ™ software, a proprietary end-to-end photogrammetry solution for producing high-quality geographic data from satellite and airborne images, including UAVs, continues to meet the exponentially growing needs of the mapping industry with SimActive updates.

SimActive Extends Partner Network for Medium Format Camera Solutions.

In collaboration with companies such as LiDARUSA, new strategic alliances allow for addressing the growing market need for processing images from medium format sensors.

Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDARUSA: SimActive offers outstanding software to handle large data sets quickly with high accuracy. Metric cameras capable of direct geo-referencing are the perfect choice for our customers.

SimActive President Dr. Philippe Simard: Airborne medium-format sensors are becoming very popular as they offer great advantages over UAV platforms without major investments required by large format cameras. Partnering with highly skilled professionals such as LiDARUSA enables us to better serve this market segment.

SimActive Releases Version 8.1 with Advanced Editing Tools.

Among the added features, the most remarkable development is the new DEM (Digital Elevation Model) editing tools. Version 8.1 features advanced filtering capabilities to remove objects from DSMs (Digital Surface Model) and options to manually change the local DTM (Digital Terrain Model) topography. In addition, a new system has been applied to track changes during DEM editing, allowing users to undo / redo previous operations.

SimActive CTO Louis Simard: With Correlator3D ™, our focus has always been to provide high-quality software for both beginners and advanced photogrammetry; With the 8.1 release, we continue to meet the growing needs of the mapping industry exponentially.

With Correlator3D ™ software you can have these features by using a standard computer and Amazon Web Services / Microsoft Azure cloud.

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