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What tasks can you do during the Real Estate Appraisal?


You can work under the various titles in Real Estate Appraisers. In this article, we will first discuss the experts who are preparing real estate appraisers, appraisers of the appraisal report, and doing all the necessary research.

Expert - Property Valuation Expert / Assistant

Appraisal Expert; having at least 3 years experience in the field of real estate appraisal graduated at the undergraduate level from the 4 year training departments of the universities which will make the evaluation of the rights and benefits related to a real estate, a real estate project or a real estate, full-time employment by real estate appraisal companies or valuation service by signing a contract and those who are granted Real Estate Valuation Licenses to them.

Expert, Real Estate Valuation Expert/ Assistant can work with the task title. A business plan will be made by the company operation and you will prepare a report of the board of directors and the title deeds / documents of the immovables will be sent. Companies may have different strategies at this stage, sometimes your business plan is made instant and sometimes your program is ready one day ahead. We can actually call it "flexible working hours" because you work on the field. If you want to make an appointment for a client, you can write 2 full business reports in one day. In peak periods, it may find 3-4 per day, but this may vary depending on the nature of the person and property.

Is it easy to become an Expert / Real Estate Appraisal Expert?

You have decided that you want to work in the appraisal sector, first you have to learn the subtleties of valuation of the field.Being Real Estate Valuation Expert so Facebook It's not as easy as you read in groups. The technical knowledge of the appraiser is really important. Laws, directionyou should be judged on the regulations, the changes in the legislation, you should be able to interpret well. Without knowing these you will already have the missing information in the reports you will prepare, or you will be making the wrong report and you will be in a difficult position to whom you submit the report. 

Real Estate Valuation Expertise Getting a license has also become one of the priority conditions. Now the banks do not want anyone who does not have an appraisal license to do it. But I would also like to underline that; those who are not closely related to the sector, who do not know how to read the project, want to step into the sector by memorizing with the information that they hear from the right and from the left. This will eventually jeopardize the quality of the industry in the future.

You will encounter a wide variety of immovable types as well as the type of customer. The essence of the job international valuation standardsyou never wonder.

The hardest part of the job value appraisald. It will be necessary to seek precedent in the nearest honorarium to investigate the precedents and to prepare the report. One of the biggest mistakes that experts have made today is to search for precedents from the internet instead of searching the precedents. The peers you will find on the internet may not be the true position, nor may they be showing the correct location. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to carry out on-site inspection. I would advise you to never report on the basis of a single estate agent. Nobody can save you against the bank against the value of being made. You will benefit from having the report in the awareness of your responsibilities in the reports you sign.

Another issue is taking pictures on the spot. You can make use of the photos you take when determining the appropriateness of the immovable project, it is very important to take photographs from many different angles. Entrance of the immovable according to the staircase, location of the immovable vs. the entrance of the building, etc. Even a small detail that you have captured in a photo where you come back will come back to you as strong evidence. The air conditioning unit's position, even the curtain detail that appears in the photo you take from the outside. It may seem funny that you can only understand what you are reading when you are reading it.

The writing will continue.

After graduating from Yildiz Technical University as an engineer with honors in 2013, he graduated from Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration. During his engineering education, he studied at Universitat Politècnica de València for one semester. Cemre ŞALCI is a 4th grade student at Anadolu University, Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. In 2013, Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. In 2017, Çizgi Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş. as Business Development and Process Management Specialist. He is also a licensed real estate appraiser.


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