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Real Estate Development Specialization Certificate Program

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Program History: 22 September - 04 November 2018

Purpose of the Program:

The Real Estate Development Specialization Certificate Program is intended to enable the highly qualified managers for real estate projects, one of the most important investment instruments for our country, to have practical and theoretical knowledge in order to make the right decisions. During the training, real project applications will be discussed.

Who can participate:

The students, associate and bachelor's degree graduates of the relevant university departments, who are working in the field of Project Development or who want to work, who wish to improve their career, can participate in this program and qualify for the certificate of specialization.

Program Content:

Participants will be provided with a comprehensive education starting from the basic components of Real Estate Law, Real Estate Investment and Financing, Project Development, Strategic Planning and Market Analysis. Participants will be taught to use financial calculator and Microsoft Excel program in calculations and applications. Participants will be asked to prepare a sample project development file using their financial statements.

Real Estate Law

  • The Place and Scope of Urban Transformation in Construction Law
  • Applications in Single Building Scale, Applications in Area Scale
  • Investigation of Urban Transformation in the Context of High Judgment Decisions
  • Article 73 of the Municipal Law No. 5393 (amended by Law No. 5998) and its Applications
  • 5366 and 6306 Laws and Applications
  • Relationship Between Urban Transformation and Planning

Real Estate Investment and Financing

  • Financing Real Estate Development Projects
  • Mortgage Basics: Time Value of Money
  • Fixed and Variable Interest Payment Mortgage Systems
  • Housing Market and Mortgage Applications
  • Revenue Producing Real Estate Tools
  • Investment Analysis- Debt Financing
  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Financial Leverage

Project Development

  • Properties of real estate investments, classification of real estates,
  • Project development stages, project team
  • Best and most efficient use analysis
  • Design phase and project delivery systems
  • Sales-marketing processes
  • Land review

Strategic planning

Market Analysis

Duration and Days:

  • Total duration: 6 weeks
  • Total hours: 72 hours
  • Course days: Saturday and Sunday
  • Course hours: 10.00-17.00
  • Place of Education: ITU Faculty of Architecture, Environment and Urbanization UYG-AR Center Room No: 114 Taşkışla Campus Taksim Istanbul

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