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"New DroneBox" Technology from Heliceo


Drone technologies this week is a French technology company Heliceo and products. The industry has succeeded in attracting attention to a new and innovative Heliceo If it is different from the others, "Dronebox" technology. This box, produced under the name DroneBox, Heliceo can be integrated in unmanned sea and air vehicles. The box can be adapted to devices that make bathymetric measurements on multiple or single-engine aircraft. So by taking a single box you can incorporate the appropriate drones into your team at more affordable prices.

The DroneBox is equipped with a 2 GNSS system (for navigation and Trimble RTK measurements) and a 24 million pixel camera, with a calibration process developed by Hélicéo to correct the optics of the lens. Each acquired photo is recorded with latitude, longitude and height (XYZ); so that geo referencing is allowed for the final 2D scale maps or 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTM).

You can use this box as a GNSS RTK in hard-to-insert areas or in closed flight situations. So it's the same as the classic RTK.


our Country Atay engineering sell through Heliceo it is likely to take important steps towards globalization in the near future.


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