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UAV Certificate Trainings Started for HKMO Members


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is increasing day by day in the scope of mapping services and applications carried out in the world and in our country. In this context, in accordance with Article 45 of the Ü Large Scale Map and Map Information Production Regulation 45., published and updated in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey, dated June 26, 2018 and numbered 30460, the measurement of the detail points, thus the use of UAV systems in large-scale map production. legal basis has been established. In this context, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM), General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs (MAPEG); Ve Detailed Measures with UAV Systems, Map Production and Control Principles, by creating and putting into force the legislation.

Therefore Map and support their professional development requirements of Surveying Engineers and ensure that they are familiar with the current technological issues, as well as our country, our members taking into account developments in national legislation process by statutory requirements become UAV license for mapping services to be carried out by IHA connected to our room in Turkey Branch and Temsilciliklerimiz of UAV It is planned to provide training to our members regarding the acquisition of a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Related training; According to the SHT-IHA Directive, it will be given by the institutions authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) to provide UAV Commercial Pilot Certification Training in the category of İHA0 and İHA1 and legal certification (qualification).

İHA0 and our members are also defined in the legislation especially with the appropriate price and standard training for UAV1 class To have UAV Commercial Pilot Certificate As of 26.03.2019, 1 (one) year protocol has been signed with 8 companies providing UAV training which is authorized by SHGM in our country.

According to the protocol signed for Commercial Pilot Training and Certificate for UAV1 and UAV1 classes, the standard training fees to be applied in HKMO Branch and its affiliated representative offices are stated below, and our members can contact with the nearest Branch and Center affiliates to request training for IHA0 and UAV1 legal certification.

Standard fees to be applied by HKMO Branch and Central Affiliated Offices to all companies in accordance with the signed protocol

İHA0 Education Fee (Including VAT) / (Including Certificate and Identity Printing)

$ 350

İHA1 Education Fee (Including VAT) / (Including Certificate and Identity Printing)

$ 750

İHA0`Upgrade Fee to IHA1 (Including VAT) / (Including Certificate and Identity Printing)

$ 350


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