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UAV Purchase and Sales Operations


On 22 February 2016, the SHGM issued instructions on civilian unmanned aerial vehicles to be operated or used in Turkish airspace. Prior to the publication of this Instruction, the owners of the UAVs were requested to register with the internet-based system or registration by their respective categories until 01 May 2016 at the latest.

The maximum take-off weight, except for state unmanned aerial vehicles owned by institutions such as Turkish Armed Forces, Police Directorates, General Directorate of Forestry, Intelligence Units, General Directorate of Customs Enforcement, used in combat services for military, security, intelligence, customs and forest fires 500 gr. and above all unmanned aerial vehicle owners need to register their UAVs.

According to the data of SHGM, the number of UAVs, which was 8 thousand 349 in 2016, reached 20 thousand 813 at the end of 2017 and 276060 at the end of 2018. Let's examine the sales and purchase transactions of our UAVs which we use more and more in our lives together;

UAV Sales Record

  • To sell the UAV that belongs to you or your organization, you should view your UAVs from my information section.

  • You should choose which UAV you want to sell and select the Sell option.

  • You must write down the information of the person or organization you are going to sell correctly. For example, if you are selling to the individual user, you do not write your ID number, name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail address registered to the system correctly.Purchased UAV Registration
  • If you purchased a UAV from a person or store (including online shopping), the person or organization that sold you the UAV must enter your TR identity number if you are receiving it individually, enter your tax number if you are buying as an institution and enter the sales record for that UAV from the SHGM system. The important point here is that the sales record must be entered in the SHGM system on the day of sale. The seller has to enter the SHGM system on the same day.

After this transaction, you can view your UAV from your Transactions> Purchased UAV Record screen from your own page.

  • You can confirm the purchase by checking the UAV's serial number from the purchased UAV registration screen. This must be done within 3 days of purchase.

  • You can now see your UAV from the My Info> UAVs menu.


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