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    What is indoor mapping?

    With the introduction of smart phones into our daily lives, navigating to the point we want to reach is not only an essential part of our daily work but also our business life. Many user-friendly options made navigation an important part of the metropolis's life, as there are different road options to get to the point we want to go to, whether we can choose the routes that are the shortest and most traffic-intensive while we are walking or driving.

    Although the navigation that enters our lives with the developing technology takes us to the point where we want to reach with high accuracy, there are some locations that the navigation systems can be inadequate.

    For example, large shopping centers, airports, hospitals, congress halls and factories with large indoor areas such as the desired point to reach the point where sometimes it can be quite difficult. Fortunately, technology winks at us with another option that will make our lives easier. Navigation in the interior, define another andaindoor mapping".

    Indoor Mappingbriefly; It is a platform that allows navigation in the interior and combines spatial data with 2 and / or 3D map content. We can summarize as a revolutionary area that enables us to reach the point we want to reach in closed areas in the shortest way.

    The need for navigation in the closed space arose from the need to increase the space with huge enclosed spaces and to make the progression from point A to point B in the shortest and right way. In indoors where GPS signals that make up the base of positioning systems cannot be received iBeacon, wifi, bluetooth, RFID and lighting The location information is obtained using a combination of technologies and navigation can be made to the desired point.

    Indoor mapping includes a range of content, such as navigation from point A to point B in a closed area, route to the point of departure, sharing your instant location data to shopping points on your route, being aware of campaigns and discounts depending on user behavior, navigating to the point where you parked your vehicle different innovations to our lives.

    80% of passengers think that navigation is critical and important when traveling between airports. As much as you can have lost in the indoor space as an opportunity to be lost within the scope of our hands, the time we spend in more efficient and close to our needs to ensure that our roaming points.

    The platforms where spatial data and different contents are brought together will continue to bring innovations to our lives. These platforms, where every step we take are made useful data, continue to contribute positively to our time and energy management.

    Mehmet ÜNAL
    He graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Surveying Engineering. He worked as a map engineer and project manager in terrestrial, mobile and air-lidar projects in 3 dimensional GIS and map chiefship group in Bimtaş. She has worked in Paksoy Technical Services in the field of sales, training and support of laser scanner and unmanned aerial vehicles in private sector. She has been working in Surveyhands since 2018 and she has been working on laser scanning, unmanned aerial vehicles photogrammetry and 3D relality capturing.


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