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Mersin University Calling Cartography!


As Mersin University Map Engineering, we organize solution-oriented meetings every Monday for the development of Mersin. We invite all public institutions and organizations to the common platform where the spatial needs and problems of Mersin are discussed and we continue to work with great care and clarity!

Studies on the transmission of agriculture and water resources to future generations are of great importance. It is observed that the lack of geographic information system established with map bases such as topographical, geological, hydrographic and property showing the current situation on the basis of the problems in urban and rural areas for Mersin.

One of the Problems in Mersin: Karahisirli District Rock Falls

In order to conduct healthy land policies and make optimum decisions, the position, ownership, value and usage information of the immovable properties should be arranged in a correct, up-to-date and reliable system. Therefore, we have started the meetings with the motivation of what we can do for the better development of Mersin by organizing meetings at the Mersin University Department of Mapping Engineering to eliminate these deficiencies of Mersin.

Which institutions participate in the meetings? Which topics are being addressed?

We are discussing the solutions together with the representatives of the Governorship of Mersin, the Provincial Directorate of Meteorology, Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency, Middle East Technical University Institute of Marine Sciences (METU-DBE).

Provincial Directorate of Meteorology

With the Provincial Directorate of Meteorology, we prepare protocols for the climate classification map, suitable location for the new station points and processing of the climate data in Geographical Information Systems software and we continue our works.

Ministry of Meteorology and MEU Survey Engineering Meeting
Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency

We evaluate the possible natural disasters and risk issues in the province of Mersin with the Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency. Modeling of high-risk rocks for transportation and residential areas is important for taking the most appropriate measures. We are working on the production of three-dimensional land model of the settlements and rocky areas in the Erdemli district, Karahıdırlı District, which is affected by the risk of rockfall as it requires urgent solution.

Laser Scanning in Karahıdırlı Neighborhood
Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University Institute of Marine Sciences (METU-DBE), the coastline and the coastal line, including the requirements of the map to offer suggestions for the necessary studies and discuss.

Meetings will continue on different topics! We invite you to participate in the meetings and to follow up the many problems and the processes behind them.

Murat Yakar graduated from Selcuk University Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering. He studied for master's and PhD at Department of Photogrammetry of Selcuk University, Department of Surveying Engineering. His work has been shared with numerous scientific journals and conferences by synthesizing different engineering disciplines with photogrammetry. Yakar has been working as a professor in the Department of Surveying Engineering at Mersin University since 2017.


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