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    SATLAB Launches New Products at Intergeo 2018


    At the Intergeo fair held last October, the local GNSS company SATLAB has made a name for itself with its innovations. Surveyinggroup as we innovate and satlab Turkey Director of the company to listen to firsthand We had a brief chat with Murat Ozkan.

    Question: SATLAB particularly closely the trends in the world, including Turkey is a company that was able to track how in a short span of 8 years?

    M.Özkan: Satlab Geosolutions was founded in 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Satlab aims to offer high quality measurement solutions since its inception and has set the quality criteria accordingly. When designing and producing products, we always consider customer experiences and listen to people with constant experience. Due to this policy of Satlab, the products are reviewed for customers and produced as products that are considered customer requirements. Trending to follow trends is actually a phenomenon arising from user needs.

    In addition, our users rightly want to see continuous innovation. However, while we follow trends, we aim to be able to offer the most optimal solutions together with the needs and thus the innovations we make are permanent. I think this is the most important feature that makes us the 8 years we have left behind.

    Q: What kind of activities are currently being carried out in the kitchen of SATLAB, which produces innovative and user-friendly? Is there a surprise?

    M.Özkan: The year 2018 was a complete innovation year for Satlab. In our booth this year you can see more and more range of products. Satlab is a company that has been producing GNSS receivers since its inception and at Intergeo 2018 we introduced three new models: SL200, SL700 and SL900. All of these products were products with RTK and CORS capacity. Another surprise is the optical products you see in our stand. In 2018, the management of Satlab Geosolutions decided to enter the optical product market and introduced the SLT1 reflectorless total station, SDL1 digital level and SAL32 autoloader models to the market. All optical products have been developed for high quality and accuracy.

    As we mentioned at the beginning of our speech, we call 2018 the year of innovation because the kitchen is in a very busy work. This year, I think we are surprised by the users in the control unit and industrial tablet computer products. Our Android-based SHC30, Windows-based SL65 control units and SL86 and SL11 industrial tablet computers are among our products. We are also working on unmanned aerial vehicles and this year we have expanded our product range with two new products. We offer a VTOL-enabled version of the SLA1 fixed wing UAV with the name SLA2. For multirotor needs, we offer the THANOS model with a load capacity of 7 kg. We have also developed the THANOS model specifically for our SUL1 air lidar, but you can use THANOS for an orthophoto or oblique view. In other words, we provide solutions to all your projects with a single body.

    In summary, this year with 11 new products we have come across the users, but innovation is a dynamic concept and we will not stop. In 2019, we are committed to offering new products.

    Question: What is the main reason why Turkish users prefer SATLAB?

    m.özk that: Our view has always been different because of Turkey's founder to one of Satlab Geosolutions you well know is a Turk. So the price-quality balance our activities in Turkey, we have always had a lot of attention and we refer to as after-sales services; we always put the training and technical support issues ahead. We reflected the natural advantages of being a manufacturer to the users, especially by keeping the service and spare parts costs low. We often hear that our users who experience this process are satisfied with our policies.

    I think the success is that we need fundamental role of Satlab our offices in Turkey and in other countries and give ear to the criticism of our users through our dealers. By taking their experiences into consideration, we are working on them and we are trying to reach the most optimal product. Since we act with this mission, every user can find a point of his own in our products. When you manage to create this sense of belonging, you can become a permanent friend and not just a brand for your users.

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