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What is Indoor Mapping?


With the introduction of smart phones into our daily lives, navigating to the point we want to reach by using navigation has become one of the indispensables of not only our daily work but also our business life. A very user-friendly option navigation, such as having different road options to reach the point we want to go, being able to choose the shortest and least traffic routes while walking or by car, and offering us the appropriate stopover points on the route made an important part of metropolitan life.

Even though navigation, which comes into our lives with the developing technology, leads us to the point where we want to reach with high accuracy, there are some locations where navigation systems may be inadequate.

For example, it is sometimes difficult to reach the point we want in buildings with large enclosed spaces such as large shopping malls, airports, hospitals, congress halls and factories. Fortunately, technology is winking at us with another option that will make our lives easier. Indoor navigation, another definition of m indoor mapping ”.

Indoor Mapping, to describe briefly; is a platform that allows navigation in the interior and combines spatial data and 2 and / or 3D map content. We can summarize it as a revolutionary area that enables us to reach the point we want to reach in closed spaces by the shortest way.

The need for indoor navigation arose from the increase in spaces with gigantic enclosed spaces and the need to move from A to B in the shortest and right way. In indoor locations where GPS signals, which constitute the base of positioning systems, cannot be received, location information is obtained by using the combination of iBeacon, wifi, bluetooth, RFID and lighting technologies and navigation can be made to the desired point.

Indoor mapping moves from point A to point B in a confined space. Navigation determines the route to the points that you want to stop in the route, while sharing your instant location data to the shopping points on your route allows you to be informed about campaigns and discounts depending on user behavior. It brings different innovations to our lives with a lot of content such as navigating to the point where you park your car.

80% of passengers think it is critical and important to have navigation when traveling between airports. By using navigation in enclosed spaces that are large enough to be lost inside, it ensures that the time we spend inside is more efficient and that our roaming points are located close to our needs.

Platforms that combine spatial data and different contents seem to continue to bring innovations to our lives. Every step of the day is turned into useful data. Such platforms will continue to make positive contributions to our time and energy management.

Mehmet ÜNAL
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