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    A Brand New Reference System "Discrete Global Grid System"

    Geodesy One of the basic tasks of the science is, of course, to create the model closest to the truth of the earth's land. In the past, many models have been tried on a daily basis, and all of them have been positive and negative for themselves. But nowadays the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) (Geospatial Consortium) "Discrete Global Grid System"  announced a new reference system for their name. If you like what the form looks like, we are actually switching to a fully detailed soccer ball model.

     Although the OGC Standard was drafted at the beginning of 2017, the standard has been adopted by some authorities, although the standard has been drafted to set the basic rules. The new standard defines a reference guide for optimizing the loss of geospatial data during projection and integrating GIS data seamlessly from various sources. DGGS allows the rapid integration of spatial data without the difficulties of working with the intended coordinate reference systems.
    In essence, the new reference grid is a multi-faceted grid of equal-area grids to form a hierarchical mosaic of the entire Earth.
    While the new reference system seems quite promising, this new standard Geographic Information Systems how it changes business, how GIS developers and analysts model GIS data. Will this standard be another alternative reference system or can we change our traditional coordinate system completely and become "our new toy"? We'll wait and see…



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