2018 Istanbul FIG Congress “60 Years Longing”

This year we will host a proud international organization as a country for all our colleagues. “FIG 2018”, also known as the “International Federation of Surveyors”.
In this series of articles, we will make a short journey starting from the establishment of FIG to the membership of our country, from there to today, that is to host the congress. In summary, we will share the unknowns of FIG with our esteemed colleagues as much as we can, behind the scenes and efforts of finally winning this congress.
Chapter 1 – WHAT IS FIG?
FIG (International Federation of Surveyors) was established in 18 July 1878 in Paris (France) under the name of é Fédération Internationale des Géomètres için for the development of mapping in all fields and applications in order to ensure international cooperation as a professional organization. is a federation. FIG is a United Nations-recognized professional body represented in more than 123 countries worldwide. Its aim is to ensure that the cartography disciplines and the cartographer performing them meet all the needs of the communities and markets they serve. As a result, FIG is a major international organization representing the interests of surveyors worldwide and is a federation of national professional chambers / associations, covering all professional areas within the global cartography community. FIG in the context of vision; equipped with professional knowledge and best practices, expanded the function of cartography on the basis of the benefits of society, the environment and the economy; it is a gateway to neighboring places with increasing importance and awareness.

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FIG activities are governed by a work plan approved by the General Assembly and developed by the Council during its term of office. FIG acknowledges that mapping science and technologies, measurement knowledge and applications are made for the common good of humanity. Existing Council; It is necessary to build new studies on past efforts and to work on expanding, expanding the global stance, achievements and development towards the improvement of society, environment and economy and thus increasing the interest, role and importance of the profession. This necessity; The Council is expressed at all levels through technical commissions (10), ad hoc units for special purposes (4), Institutional link networks (2), the FIG Foundation and the Permanent Office. With the challenges of time, the cartography profession continues to race to the highest level in every field of authority and responsibility where the meaning and importance of the profession exists.
FIG memberships; public and private sector practitioners, scientific, research and academic units and geographic technologies and service units. FIG members consist of the following institutions, organizations and persons: Member chambers / associations / associations: National chambers / associations representing one or more of the cartography disciplines;
Affiliated organizations: cartography institutions or mapping groups that do not fully meet the conditions of the member chamber / association, but undertake professional professional activities
Company memberships: organizations, organizations or units that provide commercial services to the mapping profession;

Academic members: Organizations, institutions or organizations engaged in training or research in one or more disciplines of cartography. In the absence of a chamber / association or group that qualifies for membership in FIG, a person representing the country may be appointed as a representative.

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Click here to learn more about the Congress.

Please contact  HKMO  for registration.

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Our series will continue …

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