2018 Istanbul FIG Congress – Part 2

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FIG’s international congresses, organized every four years, and the annual Working Weeks’ programs are prepared and directed by the FIG Commissions. The last congress was held on 16-21 June 2014 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Congresses are the most important events in the FIG calendar, bringing together thousands of participants from all over the world. The technical programs show the results achieved by each commission’s 4-year work program, complemented by an international professional exhibition. Working Weeks are the weeks that combine the technical conferences organized by the FIG commissions and the host member Chamber / association and the meetings of the administrative bodies of FIG. Such meetings also provide technical commissions with the opportunity to implement and develop work programs. In addition to their weeks, they organize and participate in a wide range of seminars and workshops, usually in collaboration with member chambers / associations or other international professional organizations, prepared by technical commissions and their working groups.

The benefits of FIG membership can be listed as follows:
• To be part of a global community of cartographers working to spread the benefits of mapping to further improve society, the environment and the economy,

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• Recognizing the national dimension of the profession on an international level and increasing the professional profile of international surveyors,

• Access to the international community of surveyors for new developments and exchange of experiences,

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• Access to mapping companies and surveyors all over the world that have established links with influential international institutions and organizations,

• Opportunity to participate in the development of mapping practices in many aspects and in disciplines covering all professional subjects such as ethics, standards and education through commission working groups,

• Access to individual standards and critical internal assessments of professionalism through ongoing professional development,

• Developing educational or professional standing in the community or developing national systems for land management and registration
the ability to access FIG institutional support as a global cartography community.

FIG CommissionsFIG’s technical work is carried out through 10 technical Commissions. Each member Chamber / Association shall notify members of these Commissions.
1) Professional Standards and Practice
2) Vocational Training
3) Spatial Information Management
4) Hydrography
5) Positioning and Measuring
6) Engineering Measurements
7) Cadastre and Land Management
8) Spatial Planning and Development
9) Valuation and Real Estate Management
10) Building Economics and Management

To take part in the first congress of FIG organizations in our country covering all the fields of our profession click here

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