3 Cool Things That You Can Do With Apple “RoomPlan”

Have you ever thought that what will you do if your new sofa is bigger than the older one? Sometimes even 5cm is also enough to get driving you crazy. Good news, Apple lidar sensor has a quick solution for you. The “RoomPlan” is just one of them. You can easily create 3d models of your home in minutes.

RoomPlan for iOS 16 captures 3D floor plans in seconds

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Use RoomPlan to create a 3D model of an interior room. The framework uses a device’s sensors, trained ML models, and RealityKit’s rendering capabilities to capture the physical surroundings of an interior room.

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For example, the framework inspects a device’s camera feed and LiDAR readings to identify walls, windows, openings, and doors. RoomPlan also recognizes room features, furniture, and appliances, such as a fireplace, bed, or refrigerator, and provides that information to the app.

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RoomPlan in action

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To begin a capture, the app presents a view (RoomCaptureView) that the user looks through to see their room in AR. The view displays virtual cues as they move around the room:

  • Real-time graphic overlays display on top of physical structures in the room to convey scanning progress.
  • If the framework requires a specific kind of device movement or perspective to complete the capture, the UI displays instructions that explain how to position the device.

When the app determines that the current scan is complete, the view displays a small-scale version of the scanned room for the user to approve.

3 Cool Things That You Can Do With Apple “RoomPlan”

The framework outputs a scan as parametric data, which makes it easy for your app to modify the scanned room’s individual components. RoomPlan also provides the results in various Universal Scene Description (USD) formats. With these assets, your app can implement custom features, such as the following:

  1. Estimate the size of particular areas of a room.
  2. Preview virtual furniture from a catalog in a variety of styles and positions.
  3. Integrate a version of a room in a 3D game.
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