Are You Ready to Change Istanbul?

When you bring together the logic of Istanbul and Smart City in today’s IT era, I am sure that everyone has great ideas at least once. Whatever you say is “I would solve it like this” is a great opportunity for you. The “World Cities 18 Istanbul” congress is approaching “Are you ready to change Istanbul with your innovative ideas?” With the slogan announced in the award-winning competition, the final application is 6 April.

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Smart City Awards 

Award Categories:
Smart Transportation Category
Sustainable Transportation Category
Sustainable Environment Category
Smart Living Solutions Category
Healthy City Solutions Category
Productivity Category
Safe City Solutions Category
Innovative Solutions Category
Technology Category
Entrepreneurship Category
Promising Project

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Awards to be given:
1.: 20,000 TL
2.: 10. 000 TL
3.: 5,000 TL
The top three will also be granted the right to become a member entrepreneur of BTM (Information Commercialization Center).

More information click here.

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