Emlid Launches a New Multi-band RTK Module Reach M2

Reach M modules are what you need for UAV mapping. For different techniques and different requirements, you always have a suitable “Reach” GNSS module. More accuracy, more precision, less GCPs for both RTK and PPK!

Why camera synchronization is so important?

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Usually autopilot triggers the camera and records the coordinate it has at that moment. When the drone is flying at 20 m/s and GPS works at 5 Hz, that means your autopilot will have position readings only each 4 m, which is not suitable for precise georeferencing. In addition, there is always a delay between the trigger and the actual moment the photo is taken.

Reach eliminates the delay

Reach solves the problem of positioning by connecting directly to the camera hot shoe port, which is synced with the shutter. The time and coordinates of each photo are logged with a resolution of less than a microsecond. This method allows GCPs to be used only to check your accuracy.

Easy to use

  • Connect Reach to a hot shoe port on a camera
  • Fly a drone, Reach will record photo events
  • Download logs from Reach and base station
  • Process logs and get a file with geotags of photos
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NTRIP or another Reach as a base station

To calculate centimeter-precise coordinates in PPK and RTK, Reach needs corrections from a base station. It could be either another Reach receiver or an NTRIP service. VRS is also supported.


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Reach M2 and M+ work seamlessly with other Reach receivers over any link and are compatible with any other receiver that supports RTCM3 and NTRIP.

Choosing between Reach M+ and Reach M2

ProductReach M+
and Reach RS+
Reach M2
and Reach RS2
UsageIf you work within short baselines, then Reach M+ is an optimal choiceProvides robust performance and quick initialization, allowing work on long baselines
RTKUp to 10 kmUp to 60 km
PPKUp to 20 kmUp to 100 km
Time to fix1-2 min5 sec
Frequency bandsSingle bandMulti-band
RINEX logging update rateUp to 14 HzUp to 20 Hz

Comes with an app

ReachView is the most user-friendly software for data collection that is available both for Android and iOS. With ReachView, you can control all the features of Reach receivers, such as setting up a base station, logging RINEX data, configuring NMEA output, and monitoring data.

Click to get more information and buy your Reach!

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Nursinem Handan ŞAHAN
Nursinem Handan ŞAHAN
Graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Geomatics Engineering in 2018 as an honour student. During her undergraduate education, she studied at the Warsaw University of Technology with the Erasmus + program. Currently continuing her education at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Geographical Information Technologies.

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