Emlid released the PPK app—Emlid Studio for Mac and Windows

Emlid announced new PPK software—Emlid Studio. It’s a cross-platform desktop application
designed specifically for post-processing GNSS data. The app is free and available for Windows
and Mac users.
Emlid Studio features a simple interface that makes post-processing easier than ever. The app
allows users to convert raw GNSS logs into RINEX, post-process static and kinematic data,
geotag images from drones, including DJI, and extract points from the survey projects
completed with the ReachView 3 app.

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With Emlid Studio, you can post-process data recorded with Emlid Reach receivers and other
GNSS receivers or NTRIP services. For post-processing, you will need RINEX observation and
navigation files. You can also use raw data in the UBX and RTCM3 format—Emlid Studio will
automatically convert them into RINEX.
The post-processing workflow is very straightforward. You can receive precise positioning of a
single point or track depending on your positioning mode. Just add several RINEX files and
enter the antenna height. Click the Process button, and Emlid Studio will do the rest. Once the
resulting position file is ready, you will see the result on the plot.
One more tool is available for the users of Reach receivers and the ReachView 3 app. The Stop
& Go feature allows you to improve the coordinates of points collected in Single or Float modes.

Another helpful feature is geotagging for drone mapping. To add geotags to the images’ EXIF
data, you’ll need aerial photos and the POS file with the events. Emlid Studio also provides a
chance to update your data from the RTK drone in case you had a float or single solution during
your survey. You will need a set of RINEX logs from a base and drone, MRK file, and images
from the drone. Just drag and drop data in the file slots and you’ll see the result in a few

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To start using Emlid Studio, simply download the app for your computer—either Windows or
macOS. To learn more about Emlid Studio features, visit the Emlid website.

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