3D Modelling Begins in Cadastre Land Registry!

Kaynak: Gruber/Riecken/Seifert, Germany on the Way to 3D-Cadastre

General Manager of Land Registry and Cadastre Mehmet Zeki said that the first step was completed within the scope of the Three Dimensional City Models and Cadastre Project.

The pilot implementation of the system was completed in an area covering 13 thousand residences in Gölbaşı, Ankara. Turkey was planned to cover the cost of the overall project and process steps

The project, which is planned to be completed within four years, will be created by viewing the buildings in the flight area with a new camera system and gaining 3 dimensions. The system will be accessible from the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBİS) via e-Government.

With the entry into force of the system, the immovables can be viewed in 3 dimensional centimeters on the web and 47 transactions can be done online without going to the Land Registry and Cadastre Office. Through “Web Tapu”, the owners will be able to view the information of their immovable property, authorize it, and perform transactions such as sales and mortgages.


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