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Prota adds another one to its yönelik future-oriented poz symposiums, which it has traditionalized to organize every three years. The main theme of the symposium to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of its establishment is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, which has become popular in the construction industry in recent years. Prota, “BIM and Beyond: Digital Transformation in the Construction Sector” will be organized under the name of the symposium, the country aims to host important sector representatives. Among the main objectives of the organization’s contribution to the country’s technical infrastructure, as well as to support the development of academic studies and students from various countries. In addition to the main sessions where the presentations will take place, Prota plans to host its visitors with a panel of questions and answers in order to share more with the speakers, as well as the oturum experience sharing ”sessions.

Read more about the Symposium click here.

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