A great place to presenting your company in exhibiton area, with focussing related topic your company’s business side.


GeoTalks gives you a place that you showing yourself more friendly.


High - resolution video which is focussed on your speakers. By the way you will get a HQ Video to ready for sharing

GeoTalks' 19

Future Of Surveyors Life

We are wondering that what will happen in future of the surveying industry. So we need finding a clue. Watch the video to find out from our guests who inspiring the future

Drones Getting Our Thrones

Drones, our new toys, not just for surveying professionals. We know that they are useful for multitask works but is it possible to take places all of us?

Become an Information Manager, BIM Trends

BIM will more visible nex days with big data entegrations. However we need to know that what exactyl coming future

Wonderful opportunity to speak to the future! I will keep my eye on next event

Jim Van Rens


It was a pleasure to be speaker in GeoTalks

Craig Hill

Vice President LeicaGeosystems

I am happy to be part of this event

Nikoleta Ammann

Head Of Marketing at Pix4D

Great organization! I will stay tuned

Tommy Van Der Heijden

Founder of Marxact

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