Mobile Mapping Helps Planning the Security of Public Events, Even Though Coronavirus!

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Nowadays, the measures to take action in public events have gained more importance than in recent years. We could say easily that this is the peak time with coronavirus. So if you interest with public events in gorgeous places, you may need some extra precautions.

The question is have to cancel your event or doing it with more safety? If your answer is choosing more safety, please read the article to learn “how to decide your event side plans rapidly.”

You should know that where you could set your entrance, exit desk and security check, thermal cameras, etc.

More, one of the main problems in planning a public event is the lack of updated data. Over time, a site is subject to multiple changes (sidewalks, green areas, maintenance or remediation, etc.) and not always the maps, available for civil protection, represent real metric data.

If you have a mobile mapping system, you could analyze your framework about your event security plan rapidly. Besides, check for any differences between the existing cadastral maps and the current state of the square, in order to detect the presence of new elements potentially obstructing the public security plans. Provide easy and effective analysis of places dedicated to events/fairs, starting from real and updated data.

  • Rapid survey and analysis of (large) environments both external and internal.
  • Real-time generation of 3D and 2D maps with 2-3 cm accuracy.
  • Quick and frequent update of 2D and 3D maps thanks to the automatic localization of the instrument. Survey easily managed by operators with minimal knowledge of surveying


  • Blueprint map of the square
  • CAD map with safety path scheme
  • 3D point cloud model of the square

Technical Details of HERON

SURVEYING TIME : 720 mt in 9 minutes by walking

About Gexcel

Gexcel is an Italian company with a full-proven expertise to provide innovative software and instruments dedicated to the 3D geospatial and surveying/mapping market and sold worldwide directly and by partners as ClearEdge, Faro, Geomax, Stonex, Teledyne-Optech, Zoller+Fröhlich. The first successful product, commercialized since 2001, is the well-known Reconstructor® software for laser scanner data processing. In 2016 Gexcel introduced HERON®, one of the most advanced SLAM-based wearable indoor mobile mapping system. In 2019 Gexcel presented the innovative OPMMS® (Open Pit Mine Monitoring System), easily called Monitoring System, based on automatic survey and combined with long range LiDAR scanners.

Gexcel is currently engaged in several partnerships with Universities and Research Institutes as the Laboratories of the EU Commission or the CRS4 Visual Computing (ViC).



Please click here to get more information about Gexcel Mobile Mapping Systems.

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