Passive 3D-Stereo product family for Geospatial use is growing: The new 3D PluraView 24“ Full HD Monitor

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A fourth model has been added to the Schneider Digital’s innovative, passive-stereo monitor family: with immediate effect, the 3D PluraView display is also available in a compact assembly with two 24” screens in Full-HD resolution.

The 3D PluraView monitor family is the passive 3D stereo system with high user acceptance of any 3D-stereo display, currently on the market. The plug & play beam-splitter technology is established for more than 14 years and the PluraView 28” is now the 3D-stereo reference with 4K (UHD) resolution and 10-bit pixel depth. In addition to the three existing models, a fourth 3D PluraView stereo monitor now joins the family: The 3D PluraView 24” with 144Hz refresh rate and Full-HD resolution.

In the areas of Photogrammetry, GIS / Mapping, LiDAR, computer tomography, VR simulation, molecular research or design / CAD stereo software applications, these 4 different models are available, meeting a wide variety of requirements.

3D PluraView desktop monitors with compact dimensions

The 3D PluraView stereo monitors with Full-HD resolution and 22” or 24” screen diagonal are ideal desktop systems for photogrammetric/GIS data production environments. Their compact assembly size with a small overall depth requires very little space on the desk and is well suited for open-plan offices with multiple stereo workstations. The 22” and 24” PluraViews with automatic mirror lock are delivered fully assembled as plug & play systems and are ready for immediate use. For 3D-stereo operations of the 22” and 24” monitors with a mobile workstation, two of the following digital connections on the laptop are required: DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort (DP) / mini-DisplayPort / Thunderbolt and/or USB-C. With adapters to DP, a mix of the listed connection types can be used!

3D PluraView premium monitor with highest brightness and color depth

The PluraView 2.5K with a 27” screen size and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels offers 350 cd/m² brightness which corresponds to a high value, while sRGB monitors target 80 cd/m² and the brightness of the calibrated monitors is 120 cd/m².

The top model of the PluraView monitor series is the 28” model, visualizing 3D-stereo at 4K (UHD) resolution with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and 10-bit (UHD) color depth. Both models are equipped with a DisplayPort 1.2 mirror cards integrated in the assembly. Connecting the 3D PluraView 27” or 28” requires the following digital connections on the laptop: 2x Thunderbolt ™ 3 or 2x DisplayPort / mini DisplayPorts.

Highlights of the 3D PluraView Monitor family:

  • Two assembly sizes: 22”/ 24” and 27”/ 28”
  • Highest resolution, from Full-HD and 2.5K up to 4K (UHD) / 10-bit color depth
  • Absolutely flicker-free for relaxed working in 3D-stereo
  • Suitable for office daylight conditions, very high stereo image brightness and contrast
  • Wide viewing angle – allows viewing with of up to 5 people
  • Certified by, among others, Esri, Hexagon, Trimble, Agisoft and many others
  • Plug & Play technology, without special drivers, established for more than 14 years
  • Suitability for direct connection to laptop workstations
  • Functional design & highest quality – Made in Germany!

About Schneider Digital – the Company:

Schneider Digital is a global full-service solution provider for professional 3D stereo, 4K/8K and VR/AR hardware with the focus on reliability in data processing and visualization performance. Based on 25 years of industry and product experience, and on its outstanding links to leading international manufacturers, Schneider Digital offers innovative, sophisticated professional hardware products and tailored complete solutions for professional use. Expert advice combined with a first-rate, high-quality product portfolio and dedicated aftersales service are both the hallmark of the company and at the same time of huge benefit to Schneider Digital customers: Always the right solution, tailored to suit the specific requirement – maximum productivity for the user, as well as exceptional long-term sustainability and investment certainty for the customer.

The Schneider Digital product portfolio has the right professional hardware solution, meeting the requirement in these areas:High resolution 4K/8K monitors (UHD/FUHD), 3D-stereo and touch monitors from 22” to 100”, VR/AR solutions, from desktop system to multi-display walls. Schneider Digital manufactures its own Powerwall solution, the‘smart VR-Wall’ and the stereo monitor 3D PluraView family with passive beam-splitter technology. Performance work stations and professional graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA, configured by Schneider Digital, as well as innovative hardware peripherals (VR-tracking, input devices, etc.) round off this range of comprehensive workplace solutions by Schneider Digital for even the most challenging computing scenarios.  Schneider Digital solutions are used mainly in graphic-intensive computer applications such as construction/design/CAD, VR Simulation, Automotive, FEM, CFD, GIS and BIM, photogrammetry, architecture, medical applications, scientific research and development, film, TV, games development and animation, and digital imaging.

Schneider Digital is an authorized service partner and official distributor of AMD FirePRO/Radeon Pro, PNY/NVIDIA Quadro, 3Dconnexion, Stealth int., Planar, and EIZO. As a reliable supplier, Schneider Digital offers an extensive range of professional PC and hardware components, computer peripherals, and monitors to IT systems providers, computer manufacturers, and resellers. A large physical stock of virtually every item in the product portfolio guarantees excellent availability with fast delivery and quick project realization times for customers. The wide variety of products provides the ultimate in process stability and reliability, even when it comes to EOL and second source issues.

Please visit and for further information.

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