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6th Geographical Information Systems Congress Held

The 6th Geographical Information Systems Congress organized by TMMOB under the leadership of Chamber of Surveying and Cadastre Engineers was held in Ankara on...

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High-accuracy 3D modelling inside the Great Pyramid Giza

Hitachi and ImageOne partnered up to capture and document the insides of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Fighting Against Covid-19 with Drones

The COVID-19, a global pandemic that caused more than 340,000 deaths and infected more than 5 million people worldwide, make us rethink...

What is Remote Sensing?

Remote sensing is the science of obtaining the physical properties of an area without being there. It measures emitted and reflected radiation...

Passive 3D stereo product family is growing: The new 3D PluraView 24“ Full HD

Schneider Digital's innovative, passive stereo monitor family has added a fourth model: with immediate effect, the 3D...

Bentley Opens Up Full Access to ProjectWise 365 and Waives Subscription Fees through September 30

When we have to stay in our homes due to Covid-19, our work systems are also heading for a radical change. While the world...
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