Excavator Positioning System: Kordil EPS

With its positioning systems for heavy machinery and equipment, Kordil continues to produce innovative solutions as one of the Turkish companies designing technologies to support engineering projects involving marine and land measurements. Let’s examine the latest product of Kordil together in the following news!

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Excavator is an earthworks machine. Kordil EPS is an excavator positioning system developed using intelligent sensor technologies. The operator can see and use all the positional data he needs by means of a screen. Although the data are in 3D, they are presented in simplified form to the operator in 2D. Thanks to the current status and project sections loaded into the system, the operator completes his work without receiving measurement support and records his works and transmits them to the measurement personnel in a reportable form.

In which applications can Kordil EPS be used?

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Barrage construction
Embankment and barrier construction
Ice barriers
Coast fill and anchorage
Road projects
Underwater leveling works
Underwater channels
Soil and leveling works
Offshore installation and installation
Underwater installation and installation
Complex curved surfaces
Canal excavations
Topographic measurement

What are the technical features of Kordil EPS?

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Kordil EPS entegre edilmiş bir ekskavatör ile çalışma performansı 2 kata kadar arttırılabilir.

  • Robust, durable,
    Custom design and assembly
    Suitable for 24/7 scanning
    Dynamic profile update and registration
    View the current profile as well as 6 profile designs
    Joystick / push button support measurement (XYZ recording)
    Real-time side and top view support
    Most of the work does not require the support of measuring personnel.
    All data received from the sensors are recorded instantly day by day.
    The GNSS receiver can optionally receive corrections from many different sources (CORS / NTRIP, satellite-based or land-based).
    Shock and vibration proof and IP-69 waterproof sensor design (100 m)
    DXF support
    User-friendly and eye-catching display

How can you get Kordil EPS?

Kordil EPS is offered in full package with both purchase and rental options. Click here for detailed information and purchasing process.

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Nursinem Handan ŞAHAN
Graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Geomatics Engineering in 2018 as an honour student. During her undergraduate education, she studied at the Warsaw University of Technology with the Erasmus + program. Currently continuing her education at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Geographical Information Technologies.
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