Indoor Positioning System by Google

“GPS can lead you to the door. Then VPS can get you to what you’re looking for.” These are the words of Google’s Vice President for Virtual Reality Clay Bavor. Google is developing a closed positioning technology based on the Tango, augmented reality (AR) system. technology is called Visual Positioning Service (VPS). As we all know, your mobile device gets help from satellites to determine its location in the open air, but today’s technology has started to provide this service indoors as well. Now let’s take a look at this new technology together.
Tango compatible mobile phones can create your own virtual reality environment by simply scanning the interior and scaling it in the plane. In addition, Google says that this technology is accurate up to a few centimeters, which even increases accuracy. For example, in a large supermarket, a customer looking for a specific product can easily find the product he is looking for, using visual clues from different features in the room, comparing the new spots he caught with a phone camera to previously observed spots. Or thanks to tango, you can easily create the interior map of your home and sample the decoration by placing scale items and wander among these items. Google has already started testing technology in partner museums and in some stores. However, VPS use cases are not limited to navigating large areas.
A great feature of this technology is that it combines voice interfaces with the exact location provided by VPS to visually impaired people, allowing them to roam the streets freely. In the next stage, it is no longer far to see the days when these are used for control purposes in closed spaces on construction sites. BIM (Building Information Management Turkish; Building Information Systems) technology in a period of rapid rise and spread will be the perfect helpers in our pocket.
For those wondering, Lenovo’s first Tango device called the Phab 2 Pro came out last year. The ASUS ZenFone AR, the next phone with Tango technology, continues to sell.

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