New Year Surprises from CHC

We had a great conversation with Mr.Zhao, the founder of CHC. He also forwarded the signals of this year’s meeting to us. For the second part of our article series, we are the only authorized dealer of CHC in our country “GNSS Harita Teknik Dan. San. Ve Tic. Inc”. CEO Hakan KARAGÖZ.

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Question: What surprises will CHC have to users in the new year?
Hakan Karagöz: We celebrated the 15th anniversary of CHC on 4 January 2018 in Pattaya. More than 1700 employees and their families participated in the celebration, CHC CEO George Zhao launched the company’s new logo. The new logo was the new face of CHC’s internationally growing power. A new year brought a new dynamism to all our teams.

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Question: What awaits us this year in 2018?
Hakan Karagöz: CHC is a company that attaches great importance to R & D activities and makes serious investments in this field. In the R & D department alone, hundreds of engineers are working on new, more technological and most importantly more useful products. There is an important issue that I want to draw your attention to. CHC handles the experiences of Turkish users with great care through us and makes us proud to see these changes in the next products. If we come to our products this year, “CHC UAV”, “CHC M6 Next Generation Cors Navigator”, “Apache5 Unmanned Bathymetric measuring system”, “CHC Total Station”. Each has superior standards in its category. As GNSS Teknik, we have completed all our works in order to provide complete technical service for all new products.

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Question: When will CHC Unmanned Aerial Vehicles sales begin?
Hakan Karagöz: The new favorite of surveyors is undoubtedly “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”. CHC has developed a UAV with a vertical landing and take-off feature. In short, they created a drone in the form of a semi-helicopter and a semi-aircraft.

We will introduce CHC UAV equipment to the users in the second quarter of the year. In addition, promotional days during the year we will present our new unmanned aerial vehicle users liking in Turkey. Hakan Karagöz is proud to present the reliable solutions of CHC.

“We would like to thank our dear friends who trust us and share 100% customer satisfaction on every platform.”

The Surveyinggroup family would like to thank them for this wonderful conversation.

Click here  to see CHC’s latest technology products with more detail.

CHC’nin son teknoloji ürünlerini daha detaylı incelemek için tıklayınız.


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