Our first stop at the INTERGEO 2017 Fair “CHC”

Last week at Intergeo 2017, we visited the stand of CHC, one of the most remarkable exhibitors of the fair with its new products. We talked to George Zhao, the founder and CEO of the company, about the CHC he brought from scratch. We are talking about a company that leads our sector with more than 300 engineers in R & D department.

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Question: Can you briefly summarize the development process of the CHC?
Mr ZHAO: The CHC has grown rapidly over the past decade. This year, CHC is attending Intergeo for the 13th time and our exhibition space is 10 times bigger than 12 years ago. Only these figures summarize everything. When we first joined, we tried to introduce ourselves in an area of ​​6 m2 and now we continue to grow and increase our success day by day with more than 40 sales representatives in 32 countries of the world. We’ve doubled the number of engineers over the last three years. Today we have 300 new engineers and product designer employees in Shanghai and various Chinese cities. We believe that the foundation of these successes is the focus on the functionality of products while following technology.
Today, some of the people here are attending this conference to promote their products, others to follow the technology, to exchange ideas and to be aware of the best products. We offer them solution-oriented products by combining software and hardware. We offer our products to people in various fields such as GIS, global mapping, precision farming, sensor integrated products. When designing these products, we also include internationally experienced engineers. We believe that If we work with more nations we will stay up to date. That’s why when designing a new product we get requirements, designs and new ideas from different countries

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Note: CHC representative to Turkey through the Turkish users of the request, that the recommendation of the company and transferred directly to these issues as possible, we have learned that the positive developments achieved. In short, your ideas are important for CHC

Question: We all know that unmanned systems are developing rapidly. How does the contribution to the map sector follow? What should we expect from the future?

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Mr ZHAO: I would say that CHC is a GNSS-based company, so our job is to determine the latitude, longitude and altitude information using satellite signals. We use this technology to create products with useful tools that can be used in different applications and traditional methods. Another trend in satellite technology is the development of products that combine GNSS technology with autocontrol technology, which is based on unmanned systems. I think we will acquire new habits in a short time with these systems.

We also use this technology in applications such as precision agriculture, unmanned aerial vehicle systems. So we sign many new products. We work from early morning to late night to design these products. Sometimes we can’t go home for days. So we use and develop this technology. However, we can see how difficult this change in measuring and mapping is at some moments. Therefore, we believe that the new generation of cartographers should be open to change and development. We believe that this is the important thing and the future.
We thank Mr Zhao for this wonderful conversation.

Part 2 of our series of articles “User Ratings and CHC in Turkey” very soon …



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