Schneider Digital’s NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro Alternative: 3D PluraView

3D Vision Pro technology with active LCD shutter glasses and 3D Vision-ready stereoscopic monitors are useful not only for gamers, film fans, and photographers but also for geo-specialists.

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There is an increasing demand for improved, high-quality stereo visualization solutions in the growing professional 3D/VR market and Schneider Digital is here to answer industrial needs with 3D PluraView.

The flicker-free usage

With its eye-friendly stereoscopic display, the 3D PluraView are designed for professional users of high-end 3D-stereo applications. Their beam-splitter stereo technology has been proven since 2005 and offers the highest viewing quality for stereoscopic desktop displays. This technology ensures a perfect 3D-stereo experience with high resolution, even in office daylight conditions.

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With its’ two stereo screens, the 3D PluraView uses a separate display for each stereo channel and eye, rendering stereo images in full resolution and brilliant brightness. For the operator, the stereo effect is achieved through passive, polarized, and very lightweight glasses. Unlike active LCD shutter glasses, the PluraView monitors are perfectly suitable for regular and permanent work inside 3D-stereo environments.

Read Passive 3D stereo product family is growing: The new 3D PluraView 24“ Full HD for more information.

Professional 3D-stereo applications

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The PluraView 3D stereo monitor is ideal for all stereo software applications, covering a wide range of industries: GIS, mapping, photogrammetry, oil & gas prospecting, molecular research and design, CGI/3D video editing, CAD & mechanical engineering, crystallography/biochemistry, laser scanning and industrial measuring, simulation & VR training, 3D city model visualization, archeology, but also Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging for surgical planning and medical training.

Due to its wide usage, it was hard to find an alternative to NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro. The now-legacy 3D Vision Pro display solution was supported by a variety of professional software applications, such as Siemens NX, Adobe, Autodesk CAx, Dassault Systems, Agisoft, DAT/EM, Hexagon, Erdas, and Halliburton/Landmark.

Any software that supports the NVIDIA 3D Vision shutter technology can also be used with the 3D PluraView stereo monitors. Therefore, a transition to this proven, flicker-free technology is without risk. For more information about the 3D PluraView monitors, compatibility, and uses, please visit PluraView.

Professional advice, solutions and support for all NVIDIA 3D Vision and Quadro users

Important information for users of NVIDIA Quadro graphic solutions: According to NVIDIA, the last driver to support the 3D Vision Pro kit, was issued in April 2019 and has the tag-ID 418.XX. All subsequent versions do not provide support for 3D-stereo. Only critical security problems that may result from Windows updates were resolved until April 2020. After April 2020, users of 3D Vision kits depend on the previous driver versions. As an authorized NIVIDIA partner, Schneider Digital is happy to advise you on the optimal graphics solution for your software applications, especially for 3D/VR use.

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Nursinem Handan ŞAHAN
Nursinem Handan ŞAHAN
Graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Geomatics Engineering in 2018 as an honour student. During her undergraduate education, she studied at the Warsaw University of Technology with the Erasmus + program. Currently continuing her education at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Geographical Information Technologies.

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