Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

Almost every day we wake up to a smarter world than the previous day. Smart living units become the focus of our lives one by one. It is not easy to follow the speed of this smart transformation. But why haven’t we moved on to a completely intelligent life-form? When will our binding task between smart objects end? In fact, the answer to this question is simply a digital revolution based on real data that is connected to each other using different technology modules to provide the best service to people with different fields, present in the definition of Smart City.

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But the question is how to do it? How can data from different networks be combined?

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The answer is hidden in new solutions that allow collecting data from different areas using sensors, networks and communications. Of course, the subject will not only collect data, but will be able to analyze this data in the best way and present it in a way that makes our lives easier. The first ones that come to mind are as follows;

– Smart buildings
Systems that follow your comfort and habits for you as if you were with an assistant.
– Intelligent energy systems
Smart grid with smart meters, smart devices, renewable energy and energy efficient solutions,
– Smart payment systems
Integrated municipal e-management, service delivery solution with participating citizen platforms
-Smart Security Systems
Increasing the security of all citizens and strengthening the emergency response system with smart surveillance system
– Intelligent health management
Emergency response system and health management system, increasing the knowledge and response capabilities of medical shops, doctors and hospitals – Intelligent waste management, water supply and management with adequate pressure, quality and quantity
– Intelligent traffic management and so on.
Systems that can foresee traffic densities and change flow and direction accordingly

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Examples are of course not limited to these, but it will take a little more time until these systems work together in an integrated way and produce fast, economical and secure solutions, so to speak, the new world order will be as follows.

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