Stormbee & Faro Cooperation

FARO, one of the leading companies in 3D measurement and imaging sector, has integrated its products unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer STORMBEE. With this union, they managed to draw all the attention. This integrated solution comes with the FARO Focus laser scanner and the BEEFLEX software package on the STORMBEE S series unmanned aerial vehicle.
To summarize the advantages offered by the two companies joining forces as a result of the cooperation
Practical installation and easy on-site use
Optional availability of the lidar system both as terrestrial and air lidar
Reduced Post Processing time
No need for ground control points thanks to the integrated Trimble GNSS

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In addition, in the field studies conducted with the product, the studies using Stormbee produced 7 times faster results compared to the local studies.

Common application areas of the system;
Infrastructure Projects
Mining investments
Building Modeling
Forestry sector
Security sector

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