Top Rated 15 News Sites [Full List] You Can Find Daily Geospatial News

Are you looking for an effective photogrammetry software or just want to hear latest lidar technology solutions or are curious about the future of gis? maybe you are just looking for Which drone is best for mapping project? Here is the top list of the geospatial publications you can find all the industrial breaking news solutions and case studies at the same time!

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Let’s dive in!

1. Geospatial World


Geospatial World is the one of places to see breaking news and case studies at the same time! GW Prime is also a subscription-based premium geospatial media platform.

2. GIM International

GIM International
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GIM International is also similar to Geospatialworld.

3. SurveyingGroupNews


We are covering the Geospatial industry daily with in-depth tips, trends, and insights – plus breaking news and analysis from the SurveyingGroup team and experts industry practitioners since 2017. Here you can find the latest Surveying, Mapping, Lidar and Photogrammetry news!

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4. Geoweeknews

GeoWeek News

Geoweeknews is the publisher platform of Geoweek Event/ organization. They have the latest breaking technology news about the industry.

5. Lidarnews


Lidarnews is an online magazine that is focused the Lidar. If you need deeper information Lidarnews can help you!

6. Lidarmag


Lidarmag is a similar platform to Lidarnews.

7. Xyht


XYHT is a geospatial magazine, covering the industry with the latest news and solutions.

8. GeoMatching


Geomatching is one and only largest product platform for surveying, positioning, and machine guidance, listing more than 3000 products from 700 manufacturers, and you can compare them quickly!

9. Geoinformatics


Geoinformatics covers the industry with the latest news and solutions.

10. GISuser


Do you need deeper acknowledgment about GIS? You should check the GISuser.

11. GPSworld


All about GPS, GPSworld is focussing on GPS solutions.

12. Coordinates


My coordinates cover the industry with the latest

13. Insidegnss

INSIDE GNSS MAGAZINE covers the global navigation satellite systems: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, regional and augmentation systems, and related technologies.

14. GisLounge

GISLounge screenshot

If you need deeper acknowledgment about GIS. You should visit GisLounge


GisGeography is also better place to learn deeper GIS solutions.

Here is the full key list of these publications!

Surveying – Mapping – Lidar – Photogrammetry News

  • Geospatial World
  • GIM International
  • SurveyingGroupNews
  • Geoweeknews
  • GeoMatching
  • InsideGnss
  • GPSworld
  • Coordinates
  • Xyht

Lidar News

  • Lidarnews
  • Lidarmag


  • Geoinformatics
  • GISuser
  • GisLounge
  • Gisgeography

We hope this post showed you could easily reach out to the industrial latest.

Now we would like to know which is your best?


Maybe you want to add a new one to expand the list? Either way, let us know in the comments section below.

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