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We are aware that our Tweets on Twitter contain rich information. So much so that we have a lot of data at the level of sociological determinations. However, if we can interpret these data correctly, we can reach very interesting results. Twitter TweetMap, a prototype twitter research application, allows you to search the geographical and temporal distribution of the words used in Tweets by its developer MapD and visualize them with the help of a very good map. Interestingly, TweetMap came up with the idea that it would help shape research and predictions about the Arab Spring. However, it was made available as an open source. Tweetmap allows you to search for geographic and temporal distribution of words used in Twitter messages worldwide. Without any GIS expert, it allows anyone to query the Twitter database and map the results based on any tag or word. You can easily analyze what is trending and what is being talked about in your own city, even in your neighborhood.

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