What is a digital twin? How to integrate your infrastructure projects?

Digital twins are digital representations of physical assets and systems in the context of their surrounding environment, converged with their engineering information, for understanding and modeling their performance. Like the real-world assets they represent, digital twins are ever-changing.

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They are continuously updated from multiple sources, including sensors and drones, to represent the right-time status or working condition of real-world, physical infrastructure assets. In effect, digital twins—by combining digital context and digital components with digital chronology—advance BIM and GIS through 4D.

Digital twins enable users to visualize the entire asset – in a web browser, on a tablet, or with a mixed reality headset – check status, perform analysis and generate insights in order to predict and optimize asset performance.

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What Is A Digital Twin? How to Integrate Your Infrastructure Projects?

Users can build digitally before they build physically and plan out and de-risk maintenance activities before they carry them out in the real world. They now have software at their disposal to envisage hundreds of scenarios, leverage machine learning to compare design alternatives or maintenance strategies, and optimize across multiple parameters.

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Visualization and contextualization of engineering data lead to better-informed decision-making and stakeholder engagement throughout the asset lifecycle.

Digital Twin Services

Enable project teams and owner-operators to create, 4D-visualize and analyze digital twins of infrastructure assets. The Services enable digital information managers to incorporate engineering data created by diverse design tools into a living digital twin and align it with reality modeling and other associated data, with no disruption to their current tools or processes.

Users are able to visualize and track engineering change along the timeline of the project, providing an accountable record of who changed what and when. iTwin Services facilitate actionable insights for decision-makers across the organization and asset lifecycle.

Users make better-informed decisions, anticipate and avoid issues before they arise, and react more quickly with confidence, resulting in cost savings, improved service availability, lower environmental impact, and improved safety.

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