Surveying Group at Bundles, Turkey’s most popular news application!

The new version of Bundle, including Surveying Group, is on the App Store and Google Play! Bundle 2.5 offers a superior user experience with a completely renewed interface.

Bundle is a news app that offers more than 12,000 publishers from around the world. It not only allows the user to create a personal news feed from any channel, but also delivers important last-minute developments via instant notifications. Agenda, technology, sports, finance, entertainment, every day in every corner of tens of thousands of writers resources that may come to your mind in 22 different categories, and Turkey ranks as the content Bundles.

Bundle, which is completely owned by a Turkish developer team, also has many users in Germany, France, England and America. Standing out with its stylish design and a user rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, Bundle was previously named the haber best news app Play by the Play Store and became the editor’s choice in the App Store.
You can follow us on Bundle as well as our social media accounts. After downloading the Bundle, don’t forget to search the Surveying Group and add it to your watchlist!
Download the Bundle here:
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